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Self Care

Practicing self care doesn't have to be time or even money consuming! It could be as simple as doing a 5 minute meditation before bed, to taking a shower and doing your hair and make-up before work. Here are some tips and tricks we have collected from our Sacred Mountain team!


When is the last time you took some time for you? What is one of the things you like to do for yourself when no one else is around? How about making yourself your favorite meal or going for a walk in nature? Even taking 5 minutes to breathe deeply can make all the difference.

~ Take a bath with candles and bath salts. No phones allowed unless its for relaxing music!

~ Read a good book before bed instead of scrolling social media.

~ Watch your favorite show or movie 

~ Be creative! Do you like to paint, draw or maybe you like to crochet! Whatever you enjoy making, make sure to set aside time weekly to let this creativity flow.

~ Meditation, yoga or even going for a short walk can make a huge difference in your mood. Stretching daily can also help movement and physical health.

~ Buy yourself something nice! Been eyeing up a pretty Coffee Tumbler from a specific Wellness Studio? There is nothing wrong with treating yourself sometimes!

~ Eat healthy whole foods and drink plenty of water everyday! It's ok to have the occasional donut or special sugar filled coffee from Starbucks, but how you feel after eating junk daily is your body's way of saying - please stop.

~Exercise!! Wither you go to the gym or you do some light moves at home, movement is important to keep our body's running on all cylinders!

~ Connect. Right now the world is, well, crazy. More than anything people need to connect with friends, family and strangers and show love for each other! When is the last time you told your other half you loved them - and not out of daily habit. NOW we aren't saying go out and give random kisses to strangers either *lol* but compliments are nice and kindness is free,

so sprinkle that shit everywhere you go!!

~ Book yourself in!! At our Studio we have practitioners that specialize in your wellness. Massage, Reiki, Foot Detox and Facials all contribute to self care and feeling good inside and out!

Self Care: Treatments
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