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Tina is the owner and operator of Living Well Massage and Raindrop Therapy and the new owner of Sacred Mountain Wellness Studio.

Tina is an experienced massage therapist and has been in the industry for going on 15 yrs. She is also a C.A.R.E certified raindrop facilitator for the last 9 years. She is certified in reflexology, vitaflex, acupressure, meridian massage, hot stone massage, emotional release and cupping. She is also a certified Oola life coach. She is very much known for her intuitive abilities when working with clients.
She has taught many classes over the years whether it was traveling to teach raindrop or teaching self care through zoom. She is a wealth of information and she is always expanding her knowledge.

Her passion is helping others whether it's going the extra mile, at the studio for her clients or running the yearly Christmas family campaign. She is a hard working mom of 2 girls, who are slowly moving into their own worldly adventures. If she isn't at the studio, you can find her walking her dog along the river enjoying nature and all it has to offer. She is also new to paddle boarding! She enjoys yoga, kickboxing and self care.

She is a hippie at heart and has a gypsy soul, oh.. and don't forget about her sailor mouth LOL!

Tina: Treatments

Treatments Tina Offers

Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage - Intuitive Treatment - Raindrop - Children's Massage - Hot Stone Massage - TNT Massage - Cupping Massage
Meridian Massage - Emotional Release and so much more!

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