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Reiki Master

Hello, My name is Theresa Gosling and I am a Reiki Master. For most of my life, I have known that I am very intuitive. If I don't listen to my guides it bites me in the ass. So now, I listen! Many people think I am crazy, and you know what, that's okay. This is my journey and I am the one who gets to enjoy my best life. I have taken many courses throughout my journey that include, but are not limited to Angel Card Reading-level 1 and 2, Reiki- level 1, 2, and Master Reiki, Raindrop, Following your Guides, Crystal Healing, and I have read numerous books on various subjects. If there is anything that I have learned during this studying though, it is that it doesn't matter how many courses you have taken or books you have read, you are guided by something much higher in power than anything here on earth and it's important to listen. 
For over 20 years I have been fascinated with essential oils and all their health benefits, I found I was using them for everything, and they are my family's first response to illness. Then six years ago, after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I learned that Reiki is one of the healing techniques they use in hospitals in Ontario and I started to research more on the subject. I wondered if you can detox afterward, can you detox before the disease happens. The answer is yes, moving energy in our body helps us to heal and it is a huge part of the healing journey. 
This brings me to where I am today. My sessions are offered intuitively, they may contain essential oils, crystals, or sound and they will contain Reiki healing energy. I am so proud to be joining the team at Sacred Mountain Wellness and look forward to continuing to offer my gifts to the community. If you feel guided to join me for a session I would love to connect.

Theresa: Service
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