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Our Story

Sacred Mountain Wellness Studio started with a deep friendship beginning with a random act of kindness. Sherry and Tina came together many years ago which led them to do their yearly trips to Oolapalooza in Vegas. There they shared their unpolished dreams and goals, pushing and supporting each other along the way. Adventure is in both their hearts! With that came trips to BC chasing waterfalls and sharing their knowledge of essential oils and the Raindrop Technique with each other and everyone else they knew. They also attended a women’s retreat together in the middle of the mountains; Tina administering Raindrop alongside the creek and Sherry leading and guiding her team in educational classes.

These two beautiful souls are forever connected, never letting each other down. From moving each other to new homes or to moonlight journaling alongside a beautiful fire, their friendship has grown so much. Over the years Tina had a dream to expand her business and always shared her aspirations and ideas, little did she know it would happen so soon. Sherry also had her own dream of entrepreneurship,

so together they took a leap of faith.

Sherry and Tina envision a wellness center where massage, holistic practitioners, small businesses and like-minded people can come together. Whether they are teaching, guiding or learning, they are always supporting each other in a safe and inviting

Our Story: About Us
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