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We all know the benefits of stretching before and after regular exercise. Whether we learned it from our PE teacher or our favorite sports coach, it's been drilled into our brains that stretching helps reduce the risk of tearing, straining, or otherwise injuring muscles and joints. It also allows our muscles to cool down after physical activity, often guarding against stiffness and soreness later.

Stretching after your massage is a way of preserving the benefits. Stretching after you exercise is also a way of preserving the benefits of the activity you just did. When you stretch you prevent your muscles from seizing up and retain the strength and elasticity within. These same principles apply to stretching after a massage. Running through some quick cool-down techniques can help your body retain the relaxation and flexibility achieved through your massage session.

*Please stop stretches if you feel pain and get checked out by a physician, these are suggestions not cures*


Lower Back

To release the tension in your lower back please enjoy these beautiful stretches. Low back pain most times comes from the hips or glutes. Enjoy these stretches before bed to help you sleep and relax the tension in your back. Do each stretch for 1-3 mins. Can be done through out the day.



Leg stretches are great to do during a day at work when all you do is stand on a hard surface or great for a long workout. Stretches help to lengthen the muscles and prevent tension and adhesions. They increase circulation and decrease pain.
Stretch for 1-3 mins through out the day.


Hands, Arms and Wrists

Hands, arms and wrists are the most neglected area of our body, and gets the lease amount of focus and stretching until pain sets in. These great stretches done daily will help release pain and tension, increase circulation and allow relief to an area that needs it daily. Stretch these areas 3-4 x a day for 1-3 minutes. They need it!!



These stretches are great to help loosen shoulders and lengthen muscles to increase blood flow to the area. Do these stretches through out the day, hold stretches for 1min or longer possibly up to 3 mins. This helps lubricate the joints.

Stretches: Treatments
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