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Certified Chakra Healing Master, Energy Interpreter, Tarot Reader

The destination to being a healer continues but I can honestly say I have been loving the journey. Mostly. It has not been without its lumps and “just listen will you.” It has led me to Sacred Mountain. For that I am very grateful.

I am very in tune with energy and a conduit for Spirit. A session with me may not be the same twice as I relay what clients need to hear from Spirit. I will ask a LOT of questions to dig into healing. I help you feel whole-mind, body and spirit.

There are tools that I use in conjunction with questions. My tools include my strong intuition, crystals, tarot cards, colors to incorporate, and muscle testing to name a few.

I am very blessed and have a full life. 

My journey has reached the point where I help others heal.

Lori: Service
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