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RMT/Psychic Medium/Reiki Master/Spiritual Counsellor

Tracy has been providing guidance and massages from Spirit, and energy work services since 2015.  Her journey with energy work and readings has been exciting and she loves to help people make those connections in their own lives.  Through the Heart Center, often with a little laughter, Tracy enjoys helping people feel good about themselves.  She seeks enrichment in her experiences, and she has a natural urge to encourage those she meets to seek enrichment in their own path.

Recently she has expanded her knowledge and education into massage therapy and is happy to start her journey as an RMT.  Tracy is excited to expand her practices into the Mind, Body, Emotion and Spirit model of wellness.  The list of her interests is ever growing, and she hopes to include Craniosacral Therapy, Herbology and Breath Work into her skill set some day.

Tracy: Service
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